Monday 10 July 2023

Because housework doesn't make a good blog post

I've been plugging away at various bits and pieces on the hobby desk over the week, but it's mostly been assembly and so on. I managed to varnish and put away a whole bunch of projects, but as you've already seen those, that's not exactly photogenic...

I'll schedule in the handful of "ready for paint" models into a few posts over the coming weeks. As of Friday evening, when these photos were taken, I haven't finished painting a single model over my week off. I'll report back at the weekend whether or not I managed to remedy that.

A good part of the problem is the sheer volume of "unfinished" things I'm letting build up for myself. I ended up taking seven bin bags of packing material and flattened cardboard boxes to the recycling from a pile of "possibly useful in the future" boxes at one point. That was a pile of things that were in the way of me getting into and out of the hobby room, and of getting out or putting away any of my models. It made things slower every single time. Now they're gone, that's one less obstacle for doing things.

While I was in Dark Sphere this week picking up new undercoat spray, I grabbed a Reaper Bones camel with a pack, and some Wizkids Thri-Kreen. The former because that's what the City of Absalom has in the Pathfinder setting as the local centaurs get aggressive at horse riders, and the latter because I spotted a blister without any bent weapons and that was one less stage of faff for these models sufficient that I bought them immediately...

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