Monday 28 March 2022

Battletech Wolverine and Frostgrave Gnoll Tracker

First up, I've finished painting this Wolverine Battlemech for Battletech. As the Beginner Box and "A Game of Armored Combat" box both include a Wolverine, I decided to paint this one up in a generic military green, representing some small local government's militia force or similar. Given current world events, I felt that it's 'force marking' being a plain yellow band was right.

I didn't put a lot of detail on the Mech, going for a relatively simple tabletop scheme. Once I finished taking a photo of it, I did feel it was a little flat and maybe I could have put a bit more contrast from darker to lighter green across some of the panels. Still, for a first mech, it's taught me a bunch, and I'm looking forward to doing a few more.

Next up we have this Gnoll Tracker from the Frostgrave range, along with his war hyena companion. This was based off Sonic Sledgehammer's excellent How I Paint Things Gnoll Tutorial.

It was a bit weird to be going back to "base coating and Agrax, then highlight" after a long while painting a lot of miniatures with Contrast, but it was good to paint some models in a slightly different way for the variety.

I don't think I'll be finishing anything else this month, but I'm up to 27 models painted for the year. I'm already more than halfway to last year's painting total, so it definitely feels like I'm hitting my stride with productivity.

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