Wednesday 9 March 2022

Infinity Non-Aligned Armies Reinforcements

First up, we have the High value Target from Defiant Truth. She's a "Freelance Stringer", the sort of civilian who might be associated with a rag tag group of mercenaries. This batch of miniatures was once again painted by Thunderbrush Studio.

Next up is the Ghulam from the Haqqislam paint set. He'll be seeing service in my Dahshat Company relatively soon (and maybe Qapu Khalqi at some point when I decided to bring them out for a run.

Meanwhile, for Ikari Company, we have the delightful Tanko Zensenbutai. These heavy infantry used to be the core of the Ikari Fireteams, but the loosening of the Fireteam rules in N4 have made them less essential. They are still great and fit into a lot of common builds, so will certainly see some play time.

This means the only models I'm really missing from Ikari Company now are the Karakuri and the Wu Ming. I don't think I really need either to play them effectively so I could start giving them an outing now. As it is, I'm waiting for the Fireteam rules, but Ikari have definitely moved from "a force I'm building towards" to "a force that's on the bench ready to be learned".

Finally, I got a deal on a couple of Haqqislam Remotes, which I will need for Dahshat Company and Qapu Khalqi. I've been using the old PanOceania remotes up to now, but these ones just look so much better! I'll start cycling the rest in as soon as budget allows.

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