Friday 11 March 2022

Salute 2021: Bad Squiddo Games

In the last of my posts from last year's Salute, I'm showing off the display cases from Bad Squiddo Games. Here you can see an assortment of their fantasy range.

One of the earliest ranges that Bad Squiddo produced were a line of Shieldmaidens. I'm not into my historicals, but I think that they will well suit low fantasy as well.

Here you can see more of the fantasy range, mixed in with some of the Bad Squiddo Scenics. I've got a bundle of these from a couple of the Kickstarters, and I really should knock out a few of them as they look like nice easy paint jobs.

I'm not really into the historical side of wargaming, but Bad Squiddo also do a line of female Soviets.

There's also a nice feudal Japan range, covering a mix of historical and fantasy figures.

Bad Squiddo definitely ambles into the realms of whimsy at times. Due to Annie the owner's "mild" guinea pig obsession, you can pick up a line of angry War Peegs. If you look closely you can also spot a Raging Annie in among them.

This shelf is a bit of a mix. I can spot some of their animals, Amazons, Dwarfs and some scenery.

More of the scenery and fantasy range mixed together to show how they could work in roleplaying games as well as wargaming.

Going through all these different photos, which contain many models I own I haven't even cleaned and undercoated yet, is definitely making me want to go dig through my stash and paint some more up. They're an absolute joy to paint, especially with contrast and washes. They're not super detailed, so you can get them table ready in no time.


  1. I've painted a few Bad Squiddo miniatures, and they're a nice range. They certainly have a wide variety! As you say, they're not all that detailed, but it's not a problem and the sculpts are decent. Apart from character models and creatures, they'd be very good for adding a few female models to historical armies like Bolt Action.

    1. I'd actually say the "not super detailed" thing is a strength. The detail that's there is nice and crisp, but there aren't loads of fiddly little bits that need painting separately. It means you can paint one pretty quickly to a nice standard.