Thursday 24 March 2022

Infinity Qapu Khalqi Reinforcements

I recently got another batch of miniatures for Infinity back from Thunderbrush Studio. These are my in my NA2 neon scheme. First up, from a stock clearance, I have a whole bunch more Qapu Khalqi models. I know, they're Haqqislam, not NA2, but there's been enough crossover of the models between QK and the factions I already have its not a big diversion.

First up, we have the Djanbazan, a unit with Multispectral Visor Level 2. They can join either a Core or Haris Fireteam. They also have Regeneration, which is much better this edition. I have no idea if they're good or not!

Then you've got the Janissaries, the Qapu Khalqi Heavy Infantry. They don't have cubes, so you can't spend Command Tokens when you're healing them for a re-roll - you've got one chance and that's it! Again, they can form Core and Haris Fireteams. With the Fireteam rules changing soon, I'm holding off until that comes through!

I also picked up (from left to right) Leila Sharif, Wild Bill and the Husam Spec Ops, who can proxy in as any model when needed. Leila is one of those super useful utility pieces -she can wildcard into any Fireteam, she's got a Killer Hacking Device and a Shock Marksman Rifle so she's a specialist with reasonable offense, and also carries E/M Mines for board control. Wild Bill is relatively new into Qapu Khalqi, but lives up to the expectation of being a pretty good gun fighter.

I don't have any particular plans when I'll play Qapu Khalqi. Getting these models painted was mostly a case of getting them done ready to go for when I fancy giving the list a go. I'm now in a place where I could write a list with them to start learning, so it's just a case of fitting that in...

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