Monday 21 March 2022

Incoherent chittering and nervous energy

With everything having been a bit stressful at work of late, I took a couple of days off this week. In my brain, I was going to paint things, but I just ended up napping, doing some assembly, and sorting things out around the hobby room. While looking for other things, I dug out this rag tag assortment of miniatures, and have now sent them off to two different commission painters.

All the Kobolds I got from Fenris Games Toadstool Brownie Kickstarter also headed off to a commission painter.

I also won a figure to be painted via a "promise auction" raising money for the Refugee Council, prompted by the war in Ukraine. For all we enjoy playing with pretend toy soldiers, real war is horrific and affects millions of people. Please do donate if you have the capacity. This blog is for my hobby, which is currently one of my stress coping mechanisms, so I won't say more on this subject now.

I'd ordered a couple of models in the Hasslefree sale back in November, and they turned up this week. They kindly included an extra figure as a present!

One of the models on the assembly desk was Enrieth the Harefolk by Reaper Miniatures. I got her to try out the new Bones USA material. It's apparently Siocast, and they seem to be doing OK with it. There were a couple of fiddly mould lines, but I managed to get them cleaned up with a hobby knife without causing too much damage to the model.

I wasn't a fan of the base, so decided to rebase her. I snipped off the majority of the base with my usual hobby clippers, then trimmed the rest away with my hobby knife. It was quick and easy to do! Rather than try and make sure I got the feet precisely flat, I just drilled two pins into them and pinned her to the base with both feet.

I left a small bit of plastic under the feet so when I added the basing paste, it didn't end up with her feet sunk into the ground. So far, I'm pleased to report that Siocast / Bones USA is easy to work with and not too bad to prepare, although there's definitely some traps to fall into on the preparation front.

I also got the two 'Mechs from the Battlemech Beginner's Box undercoated. The prep work seems have to turned out well.

The assortment of bits and pieces I'd dug out to assemble have all been assembled, glued to bases and undercoated. These will get picked up to paint on a whim while waiting for other things paint to dry.

Looking forward to "next quarter" I've decided to get a bunch more Shasvastii and Combined Army done by the end of June. These are all the Shasvastii that are ready to paint I'm planning to get done.

I've also got a few Combined Army models that aren't part of the Shasvastii that I've had for more than a year. In the interest of not keeping things hanging around for ages, I've also dug these out to get painted.

I've also dug out a bunch of Shasvastii models one of my assembly people had finished. They need their base texture adding, tidying up any spots where the black undercoat didn't get into a particularly hard to reach spot, before doing a zenithal spray of Wraithbone.

I've now dropped in the base coats on the Gnoll tracker and War Hyena. With a classic heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade, once that's dry I'll add a light drybrush and then start dropping in any details.

I've also finished detailing the Miniatures Apprentice Dwarf Warrior. He's not the greatest of sculpts, but I do adore him. He's a nice stompy angry dwarf who'd work well as a barbarian in D&D. There aren't many unarmoured dwarf sculpts that don't look like Warhammer Troll Slayers.

I particularly like how the shield has turned out, using a mix of yellow contrast, Agrax, then a yellow drybrush.

So, a busier week than I thought when I started writing the blog. Sometimes having a progress blog helps you realise how much you've achieved.

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