Friday 11 November 2022

EIC Revival Tournament Report - Day 2

The second day of the EIC Revival dawned, and I was up against Mc_Clane's Corregidor at Unmasking. Looking at what was put down as I deployed, I was pretty sure that there was a chunk of points missing, and this got confirmed when he put a Gecko down.

That's not a big camo, it's the objective.

I sent the Feuerbach up to deal with it, and he failed and ate a Blitzen, getting Immobilised and Isolated in view of the TAG. I ran a servant remote up to clear the states, and did so. This allowed the Feuerbach to enter a second exchange of fire and straight up die this time.

It turns into a bit of a massacre as I lose trooper after trooper. I end up running my Fusiliers up under smoke on turn 3 to try and score some targets. The HMG gets beaten by a dodge on a decoy, which moves out of sight. My Lieutenant then manages a complicated suicidal run at the real target, hits twice, only for the true target to save. With pretty much everything dead and no real casualties, Corregidor are able to take out all three of my targets for a 10-0 loss.

Final game - Supplies against marcskyline, who is also running Corregidor. This is a different style of list, with McMurrough and a Vostok as the attack pieces. Once again, my Feuerbach fails to clear an ARO piece, getting knocked unconscious by a Mobile Brigada Missile Launcher. I manage to grab the box on the right hand side, and complete both my classifieds by the end of my second turn - but I'm left with marc having secured two Supply boxes to my one and a single turn to try and do something about it.

My Guilang does a long run across the field, including getting discovered and recamo-ing, before climbing a ladder to get to the Sombra. He runs around the corner in front of a lot of ARO pieces, and opens fire on the Sombra. The Sombra saves, but the ARO pieces don't take down the Guilang! The Guilang open fires again and manages to cause two wounds on the Sombra to win me the game, while dying to the successful AROs from the Vostok and Mobile Brigada.

So, with a 4 - 3 win based on both having a supply box, but my having scored two classifieds to marc's one, I scored my second win of the tournament. The tables were a bit more open than I'd expected, but I think the locals knew the tables better - across five games, I was facing a Unidron Sniper, a Riot Grrl Missile Launcher, Phoenix, and two Mobile Brigada Missile Launchers - sometimes backed up by a second strong ARO piece! Still, I'm not unhappy with my overall placing and will start playing with list design to counter some of the problems I couldn't deal with this tournament...

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