Wednesday 2 November 2022

Work in Progress Wednesdays: Drop Troops and a Pilot

My cunning plan of finishing up the prep for a handful of assembled Infinity models at once is going well and producing steady progress. First up we have these two Fractaa, drop troops for the Combined Army that can also be used in the Onyx Contact Force.

Another drop troop is this Rasyat Diplomatic Division - a Morat unit that got a significant upgrade in N4. I hadn't noticed he's facing the wrong way for his fire arc marker, but I'll just live with it now. Never mind, these things happen!

Finally, there's the Raicho Pilot model. I picked her up in a bulk deal at some point, and when I got her assembled, I didn't actually own a Raicho! I now do, and should really get around to getting it assembled so she'll see a use.

With my Combined Army on hold at the moment, these models are just going away in cases, but having them so that they're ready to paint and don't have a bunch of work needed on them before I could start painting them in the future means there's fewer obstacles to my painting them when I do get around to them.

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