Monday 14 November 2022

Viking Guard

This is a Viking Guard by Bronze Age Miniatures that I bought from Fenris Games. Sadly, Fenris have stopped importing Bronze Age Miniatures because the import costs stopped making sense. Fenris sold her as "Dagny, Viking Guard". Bronze Age Miniatures have her listed under their "Dark Age" line as the much catchier "32VIKF3".

I picked Dagny up because she's just a lovely simple sculpt. She's got some leather armour, a spear and a shield along with a few pouches. She's not super detailed at a sculpt, but the detail that is there is nice, and I found it very easy to paint using contrast and washes.

While she's a historical miniature, I plan on using her in Dungeons and Dragons games. I think that there's a good number of historical miniatures which will suit D&D well. You can't go overboard with them if you want a diverse fantasy setting, but it will especially suit human centric or lower fantasy settings. Also, it feels quite "authentic" to the older school aesthetics as well, as the early players of D&D will have often been supplementing the few fantasy miniatures available with historical figures.

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