Wednesday 30 November 2022

Work in Progress Wednesday - Combined Army Xeodrons

I finally finished prepping the two Xeodrons for painting. I got one from the Defiance Kickstarter, and picked up the other from Shae Konnit's Split Service. I had a little nose through my collection and have noticed I've got an awful lot of the Onyx Contact Force models.

This means I've got an interesting option at some point in the future to play a few games with Onyx as a break from my main forces. The recent FAQ has given the Unidron defensive link (a staple of Onyx) a huge boost by confirming that the Enhanced Reaction programme stacks with link bonuses.

The Xeodrons are light TAGs who use lighter weapons than some of the more conventional bruiser TAGs. However, they have the Super-Jump skill and a good choice of anti infantry or anti armour guns depending on preference. In Onyx, they then gain the extra benefit of being able to form a fireteam, and bringing along Umbra Samaritans or Nourkias, who have excellent close combat and options for specialist troopers that the Xeodron profile lacks.

I've got oddly keen about all this. I've not done much with TAGs up to now, and while Onyx aren't the strongest of forces at the moment, messing around with list building for them has built a little keen. We'll see where that takes me.

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