Monday 28 November 2022

Weekly Update - Warlord Games Orcs, Basing Woes and Frameworks Progress

Painting wise this week, I've finished up these orcs that are now produced by Warlord Games (previously they were made by Wargames Factory). These models are awful. While multi-part with an assortment of weapons, the weapons are separate from the hands and the posing is mediocre. The quality of the detail is also pretty poor, with sections of detail fading away or blending into other parts. For cheap models where you want shades and dry-brushing to take most of the work, and the shoddy detail makes this much harder.

I experimented with using GW crackle paint for my Horus Heresy characters. I came back the following morning to find that it still hadn't finished drying.

Coming back that evening, I found that leaving it a full day seemed to have worked pretty well, until I picked them up to give them a coat of varnish...

... as a lot of the crackle just fell off! I'm told that doing a coat of PVA before undercoating may help the crackle paint stay attached. I'm trying to decide if I persevere with this method or move to a different basing scheme. The uncertainty of the crackle paint isn't endearing it to me... 

The Frameworks Mind Flayer is turning out pretty good. The Magos Purple Contrast paint got me a good pale purple Mind Flayer skin colour which I quite like.

The Intellect Devourer is also nearly done, but if he gets finished first, I'll wait until the Mind Flayer is done to photograph them together.

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