Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Inaugural Fast Panda Throwdown - Game 1: Decapitation vs theclaw

First game, I was matched against theclaw from Fast Panda Gaming. The mission was Decapitation, where you need to hit two "Designated Target" models that are placed in addition to the army, kill more army points than the opponent and kill more Lieutenants than the opponent.

Focussing heavily in on the last aspect of the mission, I wrote a list that focussed heavily on defending the Lieutenant and going after my opponent's.

Claw was running Invincible Army. He'd just focussed on the "doing violence" part of the mission, bringing a Duo of Mowangs, a core link of Zuyong, a Daoying Lieutenant hiding in a camo state, a Rui Shi and then a cheap Remote for the tenth order.

I lost my Sensor remote early so had little chance of winkling the Lieutenant out of the interior of a building in the far corner of the battlefield. I repeatedly over-extended trying to get to the Lieutenant, losing model after model. At this point, the Invincibles advanced, murdering anyone who got in the way. Neither of us got each other's Lieutenants, but Claw had two designated targets and more points killed to my having killed one designated target.

On reflection, I think this came to having too many points in defending my Lieutenant and too many points in fragile assassins. I had very little in the army capable of doing serious violence, which is moderately embarrassing when playing Dahshat, who pretty much specialise in it.

So, as we took a break for lunch, I was one game down, having lost 7-2. I think it was telling I had 87 points remaining while Claw had 277. It's very hard to Do Something Clever when you've been shot full of bullets, and Invincible Army is very good at that . . . 

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