Monday, 18 October 2021

Raging Annie Painted plus a Ramble

In my ongoing quest to finish painting a Shasvastii that's been on my painting table for months, in order to clear the decks to let me paint a Malifaux crew in time for a tournament in late November, I've painted a Bad Squiddo model.

This is the amazing "Raging Annie" figure, depicting a post apocalyptic Annie (owner of Bad Squiddo). As I understand it, this is a pretty good depiction of what it's like to try and get through the Nottingham Tram system during rush hour.

I'll likely be using her in Stargrave, when I get around to that sort of thing. I've definitely got a lot of games lined up I'm wanting to play in the future - Malifaux, Stargrave, Age of Sigmar, 40K - and not quite enough time to play them all in. I think the method of picking one and focussing on it for a few months before looking at the next is a pretty robust plan.

I didn't get much done this week, as I was pretty darned tired after work and had an epic lie in in the Saturday, and Sunday was spent doing Outside Things. I also popped out to Dark Sphere for an in person game of Malifaux to start reminding myself of how the blasted rules work! I've not played in over a year so it was probably best to do some learning.

I'm doing pretty well for having blog posts scheduled, so later this week you'll be seeing an assortment of work in progress Fenris Games figures, and an Infinity battle report under Season 12 rules. I try not to say "what's coming" on the blog unless it's already written and scheduled, because it is a hobby, not a job, and locking myself in to writing things is a quick way to demotivate myself. I've done a whole ton of cool things I'm keen to tell you about, it's just a case of finding the time to upload the photos and write it down in a coherent fashion.

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