Monday, 25 October 2021


I found a couple of priorities changing over the weekend.

Firstly, with the rising UK infection numbers, I decided I couldn't really justify to myself the journey to the UK Malifaux Nationals, so cancelled my ticket and hotel. I'm a little sad about this as I've been prepping hard to go and was really looking forward to it. But in the end, the risk to reward balance, for me, wasn't right, so I cancelled. I don't necessarily think other people going are wrong to - their situation may be different, after all.

The second thing that happened was that my Defiance Kickstarter turned up. 

This dungeon crawler set in the Infinity universe included a ton of Infinity miniatures, which all needed sorted and checking to make sure they were all there. This involved individually checking each miniature to make sure all the parts were there, as so many are limited edition that getting a replacement part in the future is likely to be a nightmare.

As it was, I had a perfect pack - everything was there, with every part. I've already sold off some of the surplus models I won't use, and anything that doesn't sell on the club Facebook group can go up on eBay next weekend.

With the pressure off over the Nationals, I think I'm likely to put a bit more of my hobby time to having more of a clear out alongside the painting. There's definitely a lot of unnecessary clutter around here, and I should do something to fix some of that.

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