Friday 15 October 2021

Inaugural Fast Panda Throwdown - Prize Support

There was a reasonable amount of Stuff at the tournament. We all got a Fast Panda patch that they'd made themselves, and a patch from the pile. They also let us grab stuff after everyone had got something, and I got a couple of metal tokens and a Swordfor pin badge.

Everyone also got a bag of stuff from Colour Forge. I'd not heard of them before, so this was smart promo on their part. An undercoat spray, static grass, basing rocks, super glue, PVA, bases and some crystals is a pretty respectable handout for every player at a 24 player tournament.

I've not had a chance to try these out yet, but I shall report back!

Having come 15th out of 24, I still managed to pick up a blister from the prize pool as well. I need two Wild Bills - one for the neon scheme to go with my Qapu Khalqi, and one for me to paint up for Foreign Company. For now, I think he's going to go with my QK, which is currently only a couple of boxes away from being a complete force. I just need to find some time to play them!

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