Wednesday 22 November 2023

Brushchewer: Otherworld Miniatures - The Death Knight and the Thief

I normally want to paint my own Otherworld Miniatures figures, but these couple got damaged in postage from an assembly person I don't use any more, and they sat around for literally years because fixing that was so demoralising.

So, this meant the delightful Brushchewer Inc got to make them be painted models that weren't making me sad any more.

First up is this elf thief, complete with grappling hook and rope. I quite like the idea that he's dressed like a "stereotypical elf" rather than like an obvious sneaky person in dark colours. The greens and browns still blend into the terrain easily enough, but if someone sees them wandering around at night, they don't automatically jump out as someone up to no good...

The Death Knight has a cloak that's billowing out behind them. Is it moved by the cold death energies animating the vile monster? Or is it a "Cloak of Billowing" owned in life by a petty and vain warlord whose early death led to them rising again out of spite and disbelief?

I just looked up a Death Knight's stats in D&D. Goodness, they are absolutely monstrous! A challenge rating of 17 that's richly deserved, it's a good example of a stat line that will provide a some measure of threat to a higher level party.

The thing is with a nice undead character model like this is that it can easily be given an assortment of differing profiles at different power levels - whether a lead minion of a more powerful threat or a villain in their own right.

I had a nose through Pathfinder, and similarly, there's a huge array of different monsters who fall into the description of "armoured skeleton with sword" - whether a Skeleton Champion, Gravenknight or a more powerful Wight that uses weapons. This sort of flexibility means that you can make good use of Pathfinder's "Recall Knowledge" so the players can determine the level of threat...


  1. I really like those two. Especially the deaf night figure. Even with the cloack of billowing.

    1. Yeah, the cloak is certainly A Choice, but it gives you plenty of options to work with.