Monday 13 November 2023

Infinity ITS 15 - Resilience Operations with Nomads

One of the new game modes for the new season of ITS (the Infinity Tournament System) is "Resilience Operations". This is a 'random mission' system that uses the new "Operations Deck". There's been a bit of delay in people trying it out as not everyone's been able to pick up the new deck, but both me and Yashar had ours, so it was time to try the new nonsense.

I was continuing to learn Nomads while Yashar was running their beloved Merovingia. You draw four objective cards, then discard one. You also pick a pair of battlefield conditions and discard one. I discarded a mission to have surviving points, and picked "Urban Combat" so everyone got a bonus move over "CQB" which would have limited shooting over 32". In retrospect, Ariadna's Sniper game is strong and I should have taken CQB...

Chilling out behind the orange objective widget are some Puppetbots, which I decided to take for this game to see how they play.

I was also giving the Sin Eater with Heavy Machine Gun a run, but I accidentally picked up this old Intruder model instead...

Knauf caused me quite a bit of grief in early shooting, and between him and a linked Viral Sniper, both my Total Reaction Remote and the Sin Eater died completely in the first turn. I managed to get rid of him with my Intruder HMG in my own first turn, but my ARO presence was seriously depleted compared to my opponent's

My Sombra Hacker had to reveal to stop an Apache absolutely wiping my Puppetbots and getting into my cheap fragile pieces that were fuelling my orders. This left her visible and she ended up getting taken out, meaning I had lost a whole ton of points that I was no longer going to be able to use for N Domination.

Fortunately, it meant that I still had two Puppetbots still up. They were able to take out two or three pieces and push up the table.

A Chasseur had scored 3 points passing a WIP roll with an objective in my deployment zone, and was standing on a console, so my Moran Maasai turned back to take him out and deny Yashar the objective point. I was in real trouble if I failed this, as it would cost me a point for scoring the near zone that I desperately needed.

In the end, two Puppetbots cleared the far zone, scoring me two points. They'd taken out one of the three Priority Targets, and the Moran still held the near zone for a fourth point. With the Chasseur off the console, they had only scored three from the scenery in my deployment zone objective, giving me the bonus point for having scored more, for a final mission score of 5-3.

All in all, Resilience Operations are a fascinating and weird set of objectives and scenarios that present very different list building challenges to more static traditional ITS games. It feels like an excellent addition to the available options, and one I'm keen to play again.

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