Thursday 9 November 2023

Brushchewer: Salute Promotional Figure and Bad Squiddo Horror

My commission painter Brushchewer Inc got another batch back to me last month. First up, we have a handful of miniatures from Bad Squiddo, plus an old promotional figure from a previous Salute.

First up is the Salute promotional figure, from the year they were Steampunk themed. While I don't really play Steampunk games, Pathfinder's world of Golarion has an area where firearms are relatively common - Alkenstar and the Mana Wastes, and in particular, the rich of the area commonly have firearms as a status symbol. This model works excellently as a rich noble with a tricked out custom firearm, ready to see off some pesky bandits and other miscreants.

Here we have Margaret the vampire hunter and Clara the witch from Bad Squiddo. A sensible lady with a crossbow, and a slightly creepy lady holding a scorpion will definitely both be figures who can see some use in an assortment of roleplaying games and skirmish games, depending on what I'm running at the time.

Continuing the Bad Squiddo minis, we have a pair of vampire thralls, who really look ready to wreck some absolute fool. I love these as they're very clearly capable in a fight and a definite threat, rather than floating around in a night dress. They look significantly more dangerous than many other vampire figures who are just lounging around doing nothing much in particular. These look grubbier and more low fantasy, and I really love how they've turned out. 


  1. Yes, really like those Bad Squiddo figures - a lot!

    1. Yeah, the horror line was a bit of a departure from their previous styles - I seem to remember it was a new sculptor for some of them?
      They're really nice looking sculpts that could easily be a character, or get repeated re-use in encounters. I love the flexibility of them.