Friday 17 November 2023

Wizkids Deep Dragon

I'd been meaning to get a pre-painted Wizkids Deep Dragon for a while. It came out in the Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse lucky dip set, which released a while ago. Then, one day, I went to the online store I get my individual blind box minis from to discover it was out of stock.


After a bit of searching, I paid a chunk more than I would have if I'd bought it when I first wanted it, and got it from an eBay seller abroad. This isn't helping my "impulse buying" instincts in any way.

The Deep Dragon is a nice weird non-standard dragon profile for a dragon that lives deep underground. Their profile is in Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, which has a whole bunch of ideas for personalities and plots a dragon might be involved in.

Currently it feels like D&D 5e is currently best placed to use a homebrew setting to fit in all the good character and culture elements Wizards have published around dragons and giants. My favourite setting, Eberron, doesn't use either of those settings elements. Wizards has really not done very well at all with its any of its other setting books, although the Planescape book might be a bit better, I've not had a chance to read through it and find out.

The miniature itself is nicely detailed, but is far too big to be the "Young" Deep Dragon it's marketed as. It's clearly the right size to be an Adult Deep Dragon, an older and more powerful profile. It does include a marker ring for what the base size of the Young Deep Dragon should be, but it's so small under the model you can barely make out where it is.

Here the dragon is alongside a brave knight trying to put an end to its vile schemes, but I really don't rate his chances...

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