Monday 20 November 2023

Steady Painting Progress - Lyran Urbanmech and Fantasy RP Figures

I got this Urbanmech about 80% done last weekend, and settled down to finish him up on Sunday afternoon. I tried drybrushing the majority of the paint on, but it hasn't resulted in a great line between the white and the blue. I'll go back to my previous technique for future 'mechs, but this one is fine.

I now have a couple of painted Battlemechs for my planetary militia force, and a couple for my Lyran Guards. I've got the "Game of Armored Combat" box where I've started scraping the mould lines ages ago but paused on that given I hadn't finished painting the ones that were ready to go. With all the ready to paint 'mechs now fully painted, I'll likely get back to them soon.

I've paused a little on the Dungeon Fiend set because I'm using new painting techniques for those, and that needs a little more brain power than I have. So I'm plugging through a few smaller, simpler jobs that are sitting about that I can just knock out. First up is this skeleton ogre I bought on Facebook many years ago.

I was a bit dubious of the undercoat spray for this one, so I decided to build up from darker colours. I've started by throwing black onto all the areas that will be metal, and a dark brown onto all the bone. I might block in another couple of colours, or just throw on the metal drybrush for all the chainmail sooner rather than later.

Joining the ogre in "dubious undercoat club" is this dwarf watchman from Bears Head Minis, who now sadly don't sell to the public and instead just sculpt for mini companies. It was very restful to just drop in some simple basecoat colours while the wash was drying on the Urbanmech's base, and he's not got much to do before he'll be tabletop ready.

I've got these giant centipedes from Otherworld Miniatures up next, as they don't have many colours and will be another quick and simple job. I am off LARPing next weekend so I'm not sure how many more things I'm going to finish in November.

The D&D paint jobs are pretty common at the moment because I'm aiming for tabletop quality, I don't have a particular scheme in mind, and they don't require much brain power. I do want to start hitting a few more forces for wargaming - my Combined Army, more Battletech, and eventually my Nomads and Malifaux Outcasts.

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