Monday 6 November 2023

What I got up to in October

It's been a busy October, although not one with much in the way of my getting my paint brushes out. I did manage to get the Gator TAG assembled to get some games in with it.

I've also had a ton of painted models back from commission painters. Between that and unpacking TAG Raid, a bunch of hobby time ended up being used in sorting those out. I've still not finished photoing all the different minis I've got in, and they'll be going up on the blog over the next few weeks.

I did make it over to SELWG Show and got in a demo game of Warcrow. I was very impressed and it's definitely something I'll be looking into in future.

I've also played quite a few games with my Nomads. I'm still learning them at this stage, but I'm having fun working out how they play and which of their unit combinations work well for my play style.

So, a productive hobby month all told, even if I myself didn't end up finishing painting any figures. It's definitely a priority for November to bring that balance back a bit, I think!


  1. Excellent. I have a Gator awaiting some brush-time on my desk as well

    1. I'll probably be painting a bunch of other models first until I feel comfortable enough to paint such a centrepiece.