Friday 24 November 2023

Wizkids Classic Monster Collection: G-J

I decided to pick up the next box in the Classic Monster Collection series. These are Wizkids boxes of pre-painted miniatures based on illustrations from the original Monster Manual. This set wasn't one that was high on my priority list, but a couple of solidly useful miniatures and my completionist nature won out.

First up is the Gorgon, a weirdly named monster that's a weird monstrosity with iron skin that breaths gas that turns people to stone. I'm not sure where I'd fit it into a traditional fantasy campaign, but in Eberron there's a specific Daelkyr who is all about petrification, so it could easily be a monster involved with one of its cults.

I've already got a griffon model or two, but they're low enough power you could do quite a fun medium level encounter of a straight up flock of them.

Hippocamps in 5e were published in Mythic Odysseys of Theros rather than a core book. At some point I'm going to look at all the aquatic monsters I've slowly picked up over the years and realise I really need to run an aquatic campaign to use them all...

Team Undead in this box are a ghoul and a ghost. I have a bunch of ghost models already, but spooky hooded figure with a lantern is a lovely traditional look. The ghoul, meanwhile, is rarely met alone, so will need to be combined with a few buddies from other collections or ranges.

The imp miniature is full of character, acting up and being troublesome. Meanwhile the hellhound breathing fire means it's clear that it is, in fact, a hellhound and not just a dog of some kind. Both will be excellent minions for a wrong-un villain and add some character to an encounter.

A nice traditional harpy is something that makes a good travel encounter that's a bit higher threat than bandits. I will need a few more harpies for a full sized encounter, so will need to dig through the stash to work out what I already have.

This is definitely one for the collectors, or of use for DMs who have the basics already and want to add some interesting extras.

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