Wednesday 29 November 2023

Infinity Qapu Khalqi Reinforcements

I've had Thunderbrush Studio paint up a few models for my Qapu Khalqi force. I had one model lying around, a box of minis that I'd grabbed as they were going out of production, and a box that are used in the new Reinforcements rules.

First up is Rahman Rouhani, a special character that first turned up in Defiance. He's slightly tougher than a Ghulam Doctor for a few more points. That does make him a sometimes choice, but the times he takes a wound and stays up when the Ghulam Doctor would be down, he'll be absolutely worth those points.

The Hakims aren't usable in Qapu Khalqi in normal games, but are one of the Haqqislam Reinforcement options. They're all doctors, with short range weapons. They can either join a reinforcement fireteam or have a Nasmat help them out. They can also sometimes self heal when injured. All in all, a pretty useful thing to pick up.

Corvus Belli recently announced they were discontinuing the Alguacile Support Box, and they're a valid pick in Qapu Khalqi. They're currently not a particularly optimal choice, but I'm a bit of completionist, and if they suddenly become a really good pick, it would be very annoying trying to hunt down the old models.

Qapu Khalqi got a bit of an overhaul when the Reinforcement rules came out. Once the Reinforcement pack comes out, I may look at giving them a bit of an outing... In the meantime, I've got plenty to learn with the Nomads.

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