Monday 27 November 2023

Infinity Battle Report: Cutthroat - Nomads vs Ariadna

I was down at the club the other week, trying to get a few more reps in with my Nomads. My opponent, running Ariadna, rolled for a random mission and we got Cutthroat. With the Lieutenant public, I went with an Interventor Lieutenant, and took a Taskmaster HMG to act as the Key Ops.

I also brought a Vertigo Zond - a Guided Missile Remote - for the first time. These are a controversial piece that some folk feel might be over-powered, or a negative play experience. Personally, I reckon that they're a useful tool (and one that's quite key in Nomads), but the orders you need to make them work balance out their strengths.

I was slightly caught out by an infiltrating Grunt who ended up deploying within Heavy Flamethrower range of my Reaktion Zond.

I sent a Morlock over to take out the Grunt, and managed to get the E/M Close Combat rules wrong. We only Isolated the Grunt - however the way it should work is that you make two BTS saves, and any failure causes an injury and isolation. Whoops!

Bran do Castro bounced over a building to get the first Lieutenant kill, using his breaker rifle to put down Voronin.

I was then on the wrong end of an aggressive bear attack. The Zondnautica got incredibly lucky holding it up, but didn't last very long.

I'd considered using my Interventor to put down a White Noise Zone, but then decided against it. But as a result, I'd forgotten to spend her Lieutenant order to put her into Cybermask to hide, and she ended up falling victim to a tragic bear attack.

My Hellcat dropped in and successfully took out a second Lieutenant. Things were going well...

I pulled off a pretty classic Nomad play - a Heckler managed to get close to Knauf, the Ariadnan Key Ops and fired off a Fast Panda. Jazz then spotlit him, allowing the Guided Missile Launcher to drop a targeted missile on him, critting and turning him to mist.

The Unknown Ranger then went on a rampage, taking out quite a few ARO pieces and tanking a pair of mines. 

He managed to put down the Vertigo, and Jazz, who was the new Lieutenant, tying us for Lieutenant kills.

Uxia then went after the Taskmaster Key Ops, who I'd played very conservatively after getting two kills to keep alive. Unfortunately, I'd totally forgotten three of Knauf's four kills and was convinced in my head I was ahead on key ops kills. This was not smart, as even through Uxia failed to kill the Taskmaster, I didn't have enough points left on the table, and ended up losing the game with more points lost and fewer key ops killed. Tied Lieutenant kills and being up on the key op kill wasn't enough to bring the game back.

Still, this was a solid learning game. I still need to work out how to stop bears, and position ARO pieces better to not be so vulnerable to getting murdered by snipers...I'm very pleased with the guided missile play, though, and am comfortable I know how to use that tool if I need to.

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